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Wipeout Countdown


Tryouts start December 7th!

The 4x4 league has been a great tool to develop and continually evaluate our kids before tryouts that start the week of December 7th. It has also been a fun way to learn and work with all of our volunteer coaches! Please see the age specific tryout details below.

Fall League updates for spectators

Spectators enter at game time so if the game starts at 5:00pm That is when they enter the building, no more than 2 spectators per player. So there should only be at most 36 in the arena. Please wear face coverings and social distance while in the rink.

Enter through the meeting room and exit through the meeting room. Please only players/monitors in the lobby.

Spectators will leave as soon as the game ends and wait outside  the back door or side doors for your player to exit. Please do not wait in the rink.


Thank you


U8- No spectators allowed at this time for practices, parents will drop off players in the front and pick up out back.

Intro- 1 spectator is allowed in the building for practice. Must wear a face covering and practice social distancing within the rink

Players are allowed to exit out the side doors by soccer fields and be picked up in the front. We strongly suggest this with the 8U and under players to eliminate crossing with the Ice Resurfacer.

Thank you

Ice Hawk rink updates 10/20

Hello everyone,

We have been open since June 7 and have done a good job with our new protocol, however we need to continue to show respect for each other as well as our facility so we can continue to get back to normal. We have added a couple new requirements below.

Our protocol for Ice Hawks Arena

Mask are required in the building now.

40 skaters max, plus 4 coaches and 4 monitors (cleaners) will be allowed in the rink at one time. (along with a couple workers, Zamboni drivers)

We will still not be using locker rooms and have two staging areas,  the lobby with 25 skaters and the other will be inside the rink for the remaining skaters. We have added rubber mats and will space out chairs 6 feet apart. Do not move chairs. Please use the assigned seating rule within your user group and sit in the same seat every time you come to the rink.

Coaches (on ice) and monitors are in charge of making sure everyone is following the protocols.

Parents drop off in front, players will exit out the side or back door.

15 minute rule

example 9:00am on ice, allowed in the building at 8:45am and out the back door by 10:15am. Next group enters at 10:15am for 10:30 slot no exceptions.

Schedule of available times listed for next four weeks will be posted under schedules, reserved by email to Paul Caufield 

We have tried to honor our normal user groups first.

Thank you and stay safe,

Rink Manager

Paul Caufield

    Good Luck Ice Hawk Teams at 2020 WAHA State Tournament

    • Squirt B  7th Place
    • Peewee A in Superior (cancelled)
    • Peewee C are hosting (cancelled)
    • Bantam A 4th Place
    • Bantam B 2nd Place
    • Bantam C 3rd Place

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    Spit guard approved face masks

    Go to;

    to see approved face masks that would be in place of a face covering for your child.

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    Thank you for Sponsoring the new Zamboni!