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Intro/Mite U8 Info

Mite Hockey Overview

The Ice Hawks Mite Program is designed to introduce boys and girls in Portage County to the great game of ice hockey!

Mite Hockey Goals

  • FUN – for everyone!
  • PROGRESSIVE – skills and drills
  • DEVELOPMENTAL – teams and practices

Important 2017 Upcoming Mite Dates

Intro Mites:

  • Tuesday, January 9th

    • 5:55 - 6:50pm Practice
  • Saturday, January 13th

    • 8:55 - 9:50am Practice

Mites 8U:

  • Tuesday, January 9th

    • 5:00 - 5:55pm Practice
  • Saturday, January 13th

    • Blue Teams: 8:00 - 8:55am Practice
    • White Teams: Marshfield Jamboree
    • Red Teams: Fox Valley Tournament
  • Sunday, January 14th

    • Blue League Games: 2:30 Wausau
    • White League Games: 3:00 DC Everest
    • Red Teams: Fox Valley Tournament

Intro Mite

  • This is an in-house program designed to introduce kids to the fundamentals of hockey. This includes skating, stopping, turning and puck control. Practices are scheduled twice a week. They take place on Tuesday nights and on Saturday mornings. Special guests include local men and women hockey players from SPASH, UWSP and the Central Wisconsin Stars programs. No travel at this level.

         Time = 2 hours per week

         Length = 4 months (October- February)

         Price = Session 1 ($50), Session 2 ($50) or Both Sessions ($90)

Kyle Koback

Intro Mite Coordinator

Phone: 715-340-6721

Mite (8 & under)

  • The Mite 8U program continues to lay the foundation of youth hockey development. The kids are taught concepts and skills that follow the USA Hockey Athletic Development Model (ADM). Click here for more details...

          Time = 3.5 hours per week

          Length = 4 months (October- February)

          Price = $218.50 per year

Jason Schroeder

Mite 8U Coordinator

Phone: 715-933-4142

Mite Blue Teams

Mite Blue – This is the first level of Mite 8U hockey. The Mite Blue team is the first stop for kids that transition from the intro mite program. Each team has between 7 - 9 players. Ice times are reserved three times per week. The games will take place throughout the season on Sunday afternoons. All games are scheduled against other hockey association teams from the area. There are three games played at a time broken into cross ice zones. The game format is 4 on 4 with one player playing goalie. The goalie does not have to wear goalie equipment at this level. All 4 players rotate every 90 seconds.

Mite White Teams

Mite White – This is the second level of Mite 8U hockey. The Mite White team is the last phase of USA Hockey cross-ice development. The number of players, ice times and game schedules are the same as it was at the blue mite level. Teams continue to play games cross-ice. The game format is 4 on 4 with one player playing goalie. The goalie must now wear goalie equipment. The 3 forwards rotate every 90 seconds

Mite Red Teams

Mite Red – This is the last level of Mite 8U hockey. The Mite Red team is the final stop before kid’s transition to full-ice hockey as squirts. Teams bump up to 9-10 players. Ice times are reserved three times per week. Games are scheduled on Sunday afternoons against other area hockey association teams. All games are played in half-ice zones instead of cross-ice. There are four teams that play at the same time. The game format is 5 on 5 with one player playing goalie. The goalie must wear goalie equipment. The 4 forwards rotate every 90 seconds.

Practice Schedule

Practice Schedule: Practice times can vary. The Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon practices times change every week. Here is a link to the official ice schedule.

Game Schedule

Game Schedule: New this year, each Mite team will have a game schedule link under the teams tab on the home page. The Sunday League schedule will have the dates, times and locations of all of the travel games! Click here to find your Mite team schedule.

Hockey Season Equipment Details

If you are looking to purchase hockey equipment, Goaline provides great service. They are located in Schofield. Here is a link to their website.

Parents’ Guide to Buying Equipment

Click here for short USA Hockey article...

OJ Wojtalewicz


Phone: 715-340-9389

Intro - Mini Mite

Need to purchase...

  • Skates
  • Stick


Mite (8 & under)

Need to purchase...

  • Skates
  • Stick
  • Helmet

Intro - Mini Mite

Provided by Icehawks...

  • Equipment Bag
  • Shin Guards
  • Breezers
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Helmet

Mite (8 & under)

Provided by Icehawks...

  • Equipment Bag
  • Shin Guards
  • Breezers
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Hockey Gloves


Off Season Equipment Rental - $50

Families can keep their hockey equipment after the season. Here is a list of hockey opportunities in the spring, summer and fall...

Spring Season

  • Spring Skills - Icehawks conduct a spring skill sessions on Friday nights starting in April. The official schedule will be online by the end of the season.
  • Wisconsin Flyers AAA 8U Team - Tryouts for this team take place after the state tournaments in March. The program is run out of the Icehawk facility. Click here for more details…

Summer Season

  • UWSP Hockey Camps – Hockey coaches at UWSP run numerous hockey camps during the summer. These camps help kids develop their skating, puck control and small area game skills. All of the camps take place here in our rink! Click here to see more details…
  • Other Summer Hockey Camps – There are many summer camps to choose from throughout the Midwest.
  • Ice Hawks August 3 on 3 Tournament – This is our in-house 3 on 3 Tournament that takes place in the middle of August. Click here for more details…

Fall Season

  • Fall tune-ups – The Icehawks Association provides a fall tune-up program to help kids prepare for the season. Ice time is scheduled twice a week. One night focuses on skills, the second night targets 3 on 3 small area game development.
  • 3 on 3 hockey tournaments – Other associations have 3 on 3 tournaments that take place during the fall. Check out the WAHA website for more details…

Volunteer… and receive service hours!

Without volunteers, this non-profit youth athletic program would not exist. We have had tremendous success over the years because of the outstanding people that have went above and beyond to help out the kids! See below for volunteer opportunities at the Mite 8U level...

Intro Mite Coach

Coach – It is crucial at this age to have a high number of coaches helping out on the ice. If you are interested in coaching this year contact Kyle Koback or Sam Molski. Hockey experience is not required. We understand that parents are busy and might not be available for every practice.

Service hours:

Nothing required at this level

Kyle Koback

Intro Mini Mite Coordinator

Mite 8U Coach

Coach – Our Mite program is one of the largest in Wisconsin. We need as many people as possible to jump on the ice and help coach. The biggest addition at this level is the eight game travel schedule. Once again, hockey experience is not required. Contact Sam Molski if you are interested in coaching.

Service hours:

  • 10 Service hours are earned for helping coach Mites!

Sam Molski


Intro Mite Team Rep

No Team Rep at this level


Shane Beversdorf

Team Reps

Mite 8U Team Rep

Be a Team Rep – Team representatives are the glue of each team. They help the coach plan and communicate with the parents. The responsibilities mostly include re-minding teams of practice times, game schedules and organizing jamboree participation. Click here for more details…

Service hours:

  • 10 Service hours are earned for helping out as a team rep!

Drive the Olympia!!

Drive the Olympia!! – We are always looking for new parents to help prepare the ice for play. If you are interested learning how to drive the Olympia let us know and we will get you trained.

Service hours:

  • You can earn 15 minutes per time for resurface the ice. There is a log sheet found in the Olympia room.

Service Hours

Intro Mite - No Service hours

Mite (8 & under)

  • 15 service hours required per family for any skater(s) at this level. Click here for more details…
  • Fundraising is required. Click here for more details…

2017-18 Mite Tournaments

We have three exciting in-house Mite tournaments this year!

  • “Half Ice Havoc” 
    • January 6th and 7th
    • Red Mite Teams
  • “Cross Ice Clash”
    • January 27th & 28th
    • Blue & White Teams
  • “Intro Rockin Jamboree”
    • March 10th
    • Intro Mite Teams


Click here for the tournament page...

Stacy Johnson

Tournaments & Apparel

Phone: 715-252-3888