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USA Hockey Educational Materials

Click here for USA Hockey On-Line Educational Materials


Please complete the below WT-4 when you begin working games for the Ice Hawks. This report needs to be completed prior to you being paid for games worked. Insert the completed form in the slot in the Rink Managers Office door at Ice Hawks Arena.

Officiating Seminar Tutorial Videos

Click here for tutorial videos used in USA Hockey Officiating Seminars including body contact. Coaches and fans are welcome to view as well.

Click here for ROC Hockey tutorial videos

2017-2018 Officials' Schedule


State Tournament

Saturday 3/3

Game 1 (9a) – Zach & Leo

Game 2 (10:15a) – Sam & James

Game 3(11:30a) – Zach & Leo

Game 4(12:45p) – Sam & Scott

Game 5(2p) – Carter & Zach

Game 6 (3:15p) – James & Max

Game 7 (4:30p) – Carter & Jake

Game 8(5:45p) – Carter & Dave


Sunday 3/4

Game 9(9a) – Max & Zach

Game 10 (10:30a) – Carter & Sam

Game 11 (12p) – Carter & Leo

Game 12 (1:30p) – Jake & Dave









Expectations of Officials

As an On-Ice Official;

You are expected to conduct yourself professionally at all times on the ice and off the ice at the rink.

You are expected to be at the rink 30 minutes prior to your scheduled game time. Warm-ups begin five minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Two officials must be on the ice prior to pre-game warm ups.

You are entrusted with enforcement of USA Hockey rules and guidelines.

You are entrusted with punctual game time starts. Games may start 15 minutes prior to their scheduled times.

You must respect hard finish times as they are contractually obligated. ie. UWSP Womens game ice.

You are entrusted with game time management based upon other influences. ex. Run-time with 6 goal lead(if agreed to by both teams), run-time will be mandatory with hard finish times, ex. UWSP games.

You are expected to communicate hard finish times, run-time, etc. with off-ice officials and coaches on both benches.

You are in charge of game time starts and ensuring you communicate game times if they vary from scheduled start times.

You are expected to tip nets between games after signing your scoresheet or pushing nets to the resurfacing access doors after the last game of the day.

You must not leave the rink until the next scheduled officials have arrived.

You must notify SPAYHA of any incident and game reports within 24 hours.

If you fail to meet any of the above expectations you will be subject to review by SPAYHA.

Officiating 2017-2018

If you turn 12 before November 5, 2017 you are eligible to officiate during the 2017-2018 season. You must register with USA Hockey and WHOA at & complete all requirements before you can begin officiating.   

Please arrive to your assigned game 30 minutes prior to scheduled game time. Warm ups begin 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.  Protocol is that games can start 15 minutes prior to their scheduled starting times.

You will get paid monthly for games officiated the prior month. Checks are picked up at the rink.

Current or prospective officials may contact Nicki at 715.252.3070 with any questions.

Clinic Reimbursements are available based upon games worked.
Level 1      9 games worked $55 reimbursed
Level 2   14 games worked $75 reimbursed
Level 3   19 games worked $95 reimbursed
Adult referees meeting minimum game requirements will get their background check reimbursed at $15 annually payable in your March 2018 paycheck

2017-2018 Officiating Scale

Game L1 L2 L3 3 - Man
Mite X X X
Squirt 17 20 22 25/15/15
PeeWee 20 22 25 25/15/15
Bantam XX 25 30 30/20/20
High School XX 30 35 35/20/20
Girls U12 17 20 22 25/15/15
Girls U14 20 22 25 25/15/15

Incident/Game Reports

If a Referee has to file an incident report or game report please call at We don't ask for a copy of the report we just want to be alerted of the situation. Remember you have 24 hrs. to file the report. If you need assistance or instructions on how to file call as well. You will have to go to and go to the Officials section for incident/game reporting online reporting.

PeeWee 1B State Tournament

Officials’ Schedule




Saturday, March 11th

8a                             Carter Snyder/Samuel Gulan

9:45a                        Zachary Clark/Carter Snyder

11:30a                        Nicole Kloes/Samuel Gulan

1:15p                        Jacob Gilarski/David Gilarski

3p                             Robert Exner/Nicole Kloes

4:45p                        David Gilarski/Jacob Gilarski

6:30p                        Zachary Clark/Bobby Exner

8:15p                        Carter Snyder/James Mazur


*Sunday, March 12th

8a                        James Mazur/Samuel Gulan

10a                      Zachary Clark/Carter Snyder

12p                      Carter Snyder/Zachary Clark

2p                        Jacob Gilarski/David Gilarski


*Daylight saving time starts Sunday, March 12 – please make sure to set your clocks

   ahead  the evening of Saturday, March 11

State Tournament 2016

Squirt 1C  State Tournament

Saturday March 5
9am  Andy/Nikki
1015am  Andy/Zach
1130am  Zach/Nikki
1245pm  Jake/Robert
2pm  Jake/Richard
315pm  Zach/Carter
430pm  Robert/Carter
545pm  Robert/Richard

Sunday March 6
9am  Max/Carter  7th Place
1030am  Robert/Carter   Consolation
12pm  Max/Jake   3rd Place
130pm  Robert /Jake   Championship

Archived Oct 2015

Sat Oct 31
10am Btm  Bobby/Richard
1145am  SqB  Dave/Sam

Sun Nov 1
11am  U14  Nikki/Carter
230pm  U14  Nikki/Carter

Sat Oct 24
4pm  Btm  Bobby/Richard
730pm  Btm  Bobby/Richard

Sun Oct 25
10am  Btm  Richard/Max

Archived Jan 2017

Saturday January 21st

10 pwa Chris/Alex
11:30 pwb Allie/Leo
1 pwa Chris/Alex
2:30 pwb Allie/Leo
4 btm Bobby/Jake
5:30 sqa Bobby/Jake
7 btm Bobby/Jake

Sunday January 22nd

9 btm Zach/Carter
10:30 sqa Zach/Carter
12 btm Richard/Jake
1:30 sq Richard/Jake

Saturday January 14th

10 btm Jake/Dave
3 sqa Richard/Zach
4:15 sqb Cade/Jake
5:30 sqa Richard/Zach
6:45 sqb Max/Jake

Sunday January 15th

9 sqb Sam/Zach
10:30 sqc James S/Richard
12 sqb Sam/Zach
1:45 sqc Sean/Dave

Saturday January 7th

10 sqA Leo/Allie
11:15 sqC Leo/Zach
12:30 sqA Leo/Allie
1:45 sqC Jake/Sean
3 btm Jake/Dave 
4:30 u14 Alex/Chris
6 btm Jake/Dave
7:30 u14 Alex/Chris

Sunday January 8th

9 sqB Zach/Allie
10:30 btm Jake/Nikki
12 sqb Zach/Sean
1:30 pwA Jake/Nikki

Archived Nov & Oct 2016

Saturday November 26th
1:30 U14 Jake/Dave
3 PwC Chris/Alex
4:30 U14 Jake/Dave
6 PwC Chris/Alex

Sunday November 27th
9 SqC Cade/Dave
10:15 SqB Sean/Jake
11:30 SqC Max/Dave
12:45 SqB Jake/Bobby
2 PwA Jake/Bobby

Saturday November 19th
10 SqB Leo/Richard
11:15 PwA Richard/Jake
12:45 SqB Sean/Jake
2 PwA Carter/Zach
4:45 PwC Zach/Carter
7:30 PwC Zach/Carter

Sunday November 20th
9 PwB Jake/Bobby
10:30 PwC Jake/Bobby
12 PwB Sam/Richard
1:30 Sam/Richard

Saturday November 12th
10 SqC Dave/Leo
11:15 SqB Dave/Sam
12:30 SqC Jake/Leo
1:45 SqB Jake/Sean
3 PwC Carter/Richard
4:30 PwC Carter/Richard
6 PwC Zach/Carter
7:30 PwC Zach/Richard

Sunday November 13th
9 SqC Dave/Leo
10:15 PwC Dave/Sam
12 SqC Jake/James S.
1:15 PwC Jake/Sam

Saturday November 5th
10am  SqA  Carter/Nikki
11:15 SqC Richard/Nikki
12:30pm  SqA  Carter/Nikki
1:45 SqC Zach/ Richard
3pm  PWA Nikki/Carter
4:30pm  PWB Richard/Zach
6pm  PWA  Richard/Zach
7:30pm  PWB Zach/Richard

Sunday November 6th
9am BtmA Bobby/Richard
12pm BtmA Bobby/Zach

Saturday October 29th
10am PWC Richard/Zach
1pm PWA Zach/Carter
5pm PWA Richard/Carter


Archived Feb 2016

Sat Feb 27
10am PWC  Bobby/Jake
1130am  SqC  Jake/Zach
1245pm  PWC  Jake/Zach
215pm  SqC  Zach/Carter
330pm  BtmA  Bobby/Carter
5pm  SqB  Bobby/Zach

Sun Feb 28
9am  PWB  Richard/Zach
1030am  BtmA  Jake/Bobby
12pm  PWB  Richard/Zach
130pm  BtmA  Jake/Bobby/Richard

Sat Feb 20
9am  U14  Dave/Carter
12pm  U14  Dave/Carter
445pm  SqB  Bobby/Zach
645pm  SqB  Bobby/Zach

Sun Feb 21
9am  U14  Jake/Carter
1030am  PWB  Jake/Dave
12pm  U14  Bobby/Carter
130pm  PWB  Bobby/Jake

Sat Feb 13
3pm  SqC  Carter/Zach
515pm  SqC  Carter/Zach

Sun Feb 14
845am  SqC  Carter/Zach
1045am  SqC  Carter/Zach
12pm  PWC  Bobby/Zach
2pm  PWC  Bobby/Carter

Fri Feb 5
730pm Btm  Bobby/Richard

Sat Feb 6
10am  PWC  Jake/Richard
1115am  SqC  Dave/Richard
1230pm  PWC  Jake/Dave
445pm  U14  Jake/Bobby
6pm  SqC  Zach/Sam
715pm  U14  Dave/Zach

Sun Feb 7
9am  BtmA  Jake/Bobby
1030am  PWA  Bobby/Richard
12pm  BtmA  Jake/Bobby/Richard
130pm  PWA  Zach/Reid

February 2018

Friday, February 2 – SPAYHA Playdowns @ Stevens Point

5:45p PWC – Zach/Bobby


Saturday, February 3 – SPAYHA Playdowns @ Stevens Point

9a SQB– James

10:30a PWB – Max


Saturday, February 3 – SPAYHA Playdowns @ Wausau

9a SQA–  Sam

10:30a PWA – Sam


Sunday, February 4th – SPAYHA Playdowns @ Wausau

10a SQC–  Cade

11:30a SQC– Bobby


Sunday, February 4th

9a BTMa – James/Dave

10:30a PWB – James/Dave


Saturday, February 10

10a SQA – Audrey/Zach

11:15a SQB – Eli/Leo

12:30p SQA – Audrey/Zach

1:45p SQB – Eli/Zach

3p SQC – Ben/Sam

4:15p PWC –  Max/Leo

5:45p SQC – Ben/Leo

7p PWC –  Max/Sam


Sunday, February 11th

9a PWC – Zach/Dave

10:30a PWB – Dave/Jake

12p PWC – Zach/Sam

1:30p PWB – Dave/Jake


Saturday, February 17

11a PWB – James

12:30p SQB – Audrey/James

1:45p SQC – Leo/Zach

3p PWC – Dave/James


Sunday, February 18th

9a PWC – Bobby/Zach

10:30a PWB – Leo/James

12p PWC – Bobby/Zach

1:30p PWB – Leo/James


Saturday, February 24

10a SQA – Cade/Sam

11:15a SQB – Zach/James

12:30p SQA – Cade/Sam

1:45p SQB – Zach/James

3p PWA – Cade/Scott

4:30p PWB –  Dave/Jake

6p PWA – Zach/Carter

7:30p PWB – Dave/Jake


Sunday, February 25

9a SQB – Bobby/Max

10:30a PWA – Bobby/Sam

12p SQB – Leo/James

1:15p PWA – Leo/James

Archived Dec 2016

Saturday December 17th
10 pwc Allie/Alex
11:30 pwb Allie/Alex
1 pwc Alex/Chris
2:30 pwb Leo/Chris
4 pwc Leo/Chris

Sunday December 18th
9 sqc Sean/Richard
12 sqc Sean/Richard

Saturday December 10th
10:45 PwA James M./Allie
3 PwA James M./Zach

Sunday December 11th
9 u14 Carter/Zach
10:30 PwC Zach/Richard
12 U14 Carter/Richard
1:30 PwC Zach/Richard

Friday December 2nd
6:30 PwB Carter/Zach

Saturday December 3rd
10 SqC Leo/Dave
11:15 PwB Dave/Jake
1 SqC Sean/Jake
2:15 SqA Jake/Dave
3:30 PwB Alex/Chris
5 SqA Alex/Chris

Sunday December 4th
9 Btm Jake/Richard
10:30 SqB Richard/Leo
12 Btm Zach/Carter
1:30 SqB Zach/Leo

Archived 2017 Playdowns

Saturday February 4th

9am sqb @ Marathon County Richard
10am pwa @ Ice Hawks Jake
11:30am btm @ Ice Hawks Jake
1pm pwc @ Ice Hawks Jake1/3 Sam2/3/Carter
2:30pm U14 @ Ice Hawks Nikki

Sunday February 5th

10am sqc @ Ice Hawks Richard
*12pm U14 @ Marathon County Nikki*

October/November 2017

Saturday, October 28th

11:15a PWC – Zach & Carter


Sunday, October 29th

9a BTMA – Chris M & Leo

10:30a PWA – Sam & Max

12p BTMA – Chris M & Leo

1:30p PWA – Sam & Max


Saturday, November 4th

10a SQA – Sam & Leo

11:15a SQB – James & Cade

12:30p SQA – Sam & Leo

1:45p SQB – James & Cade

3p PWB – Sam & Leo

4:30p PWC – James & Bobby

6p PWB – Zach & Sam

7:30p PWC – Carter & Zach

9p BTMA – Carter & Spencer


Sunday, November 5th

8a BTMA – James & Spencer

9:30a PWC – James & Spencer

11a SQC – James & Eli

12:15p PWC – Bobby & Sam

1:45p SQC – Sam & Audrey


Saturday, November 11th

10a SQA – Audrey & Jake

11:15a SQB – Eli & Jake

12:30p SQA – Carter & Cade

1:45p SQB – Carter & Cade

3p PWA – Dave & Sam

4:30p PWB – Dave & Max

6p PWA – Leo & Zach

7:30p PWB – Leo & Zach

9p BTMA – Carter & Zach


Sunday, November 12th

9a BTMA – Bobby & Carter

10:30a PWC – Dave & Zach

12p BTMA – Dave & Jake

1:30p PWC – Jake & Zach


Saturday, November 18th

10:30a PWC - Sam & Max

5:30p PWC – Jake & Dave


Sunday, November 26th

9a U14 – Carter & Bobby

10:30a SQC – Carter & Audrey

12p U14 – Leo & Bobby

1:30p SQC – Leo & Eli

December 2017



Saturday, December 2nd

10a SQA – Max & Dave

11:15a SQC – Jake & Cade

12:30p SQA – Max & Dave

1:45p SQC – Jake & Cade

4:30p PWC – Sam & Leo

7:30p PWC – Sam & Leo

Sunday, December 3rd

9a PWA – Max & Sam

10:30a PWB – Zach & Scott

12p PWA – Max & Sam

1:30p PWB – Zach & Scott


Saturday, December 9th

10a SQB -  Leo & Audrey

11:15a SQA –  Leo & Eli

12:30p SQB –  Sam & James

1:45p             SQA –  Max & James

3p            PWC – Sam & Max

4:30p             PWC – Sam & Max

6p            PWC – Bobby & James

7:30p             PWC –  Bobby & James

Sunday, December 10th

9a PWC – Richard & Sam

10:30a BTM – Leo & Zach

12p PWC –  Max & Sam

1:30p BTM – Leo & Zach


Saturday, December 16th

10a PWC – Richard & Leo

11:30a SQC –  Max & Leo

1p PWC – James & Sam

2:30p SQC – James & Max

Sunday, December 17th

9a PWB –  Sam & Zach

10:30a PWC – Max & Zach

12p PWB –  Sam & Leo

1:30p PWC – Max & Leo


Saturday, December 23rd

10a BTM – Jake & Dave

11:30 PWC – Sam & Max

2:30p PWC – Sam & Max 

Sunday, December 24th

No games


Saturday, December 30th

10a SQB –Sam & Max

11:15a SQC – Sam & Ben

12:30p SQB – Sam & Leo

1:45p SQC – Max & Ben

3p PWA – Sam & Leo

4:30p BTM –  Jake & Dave

6p PWA – Bobby & Leo

7:30p BTM –  Jake & Dave

Sunday, December 31st

9a BTM – Dave & Jake

12p BTM – Dave & Bobby

Jake sick – Bobby covered 12p game


SAT 1-6-18

Olympia End

Scoreboard End































SUN 1-7-18

Olympia End

Scoreboard End
















Saturday, January 13th

10a SQC – Sam/Audrey

12:30p SQC – Sam/Eli

Sunday, January 14th

9a PWB – Scott/Zach

10:30a SQC – Cade/Leo

12p PWB – Bobby/Leo

1:30p SQC – Zach/Bobby


Saturday, January 20th

10a SQA – Max/Zach

12:30p SQA – Sam/Zach

Sunday, January 21st

9a PWA – Carter/Leo

12p PWA – Leo/Dave