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2015 Wisconsin Flyers

Dates for remaining 2000/2001 practices

We had some very good practices now it is time to take a break and then get ready for WEHL and the upcoming season.

July 14 7:45-9:00pm

July 21 8:00-9:15pm

July 28 7:30-8:45pm

Aug 4   8:00-9:15pm


2015 Wisconsin Flyers try-outs

Monday March 16

5:30-7:00pm  2006 team is set

7:15-8:45pm 2004 team is set

Tuesday March 17

6:15-7:45pm 2005 team is set

Tuesday March 31 next session

7:15-8:45pm  2000/2001 Roster for practices will be added soon 

any questions please email me at

Monday March 23

5:30-7:00pm  2003 Team is set

7:15-8:45pm  2002 Team is set

Cost for try-outs is $35

2015 Practices

2001/2000- 7:15-8:45pm Tuesday's 

2002-6:30-8:00pm  Thursday's

2003-7:15-8:45pm  Monday's

2004-6:30-8:00pm5pm   Wednesday's

2005- 5:30-7:00pm  Tuesday's

2006- 5:30-7:00pm Monday's

Teams will be able to add some weekend practices

AAA Flyers 2015

We will have teams at 02,03,04,05,06 for the upcoming 2015 spring hockey season. Cost is $625 for 12 1.5 hour sessions of high tempo practices and 3 spring tournaments. 15 skaters and 2 goalies. Players will receive 2 sets of jerseys.

01/00 will be a practice group of 26 players and up to 4 goalies. cost will be $150 for 12 - 1.5 hour sessions. These will involve skating, small games and scrimmage.

Thank you

Flyers Tournaments

We will select tournaments that fit the team. Our goal is to not win tournaments but to get the best competition.

2014 Tournaments

Stars and Stripes, MN

Chi-Town Shuffle

Others- Cheese Cup, Blue Devils, among others

We will base our tournaments on the level of play of our players at each age level.

It is not about winning in spring hockey, it is about getting pushed outside your comfort zone and working on getting better. Some programs just tell you all the positives and how great your son/daughter are doing because they want you back to keep getting your money. We practice hard and push the kids that want to get better.

A medal or a letter (AAA,A,B,C) does not make a player. The player must want to compete, that is what we will try and teach them.

2015 Flyers update

Thank you to everyone for another successful Flyers season. We are looking forward to 2015 as we will have teams at 2006U,2005,2004,2003,2002, birth years.

We will consider 2 teams at each level if their are more than 35 kids at try-outs. 

We will also offer a 2000/2001 high tempo practice group once a week.

Thank you


2015 Coaches

2000/2001 Paul Caufield/Chris Brooks

2002 Monte Conrad and TBA

2003 Paul Harbaugh and TBA

2004 Nate Bolton and TBA

2005 Paul Caufield/Brock Caufield

2006 Mikhail Salienko